Superior Protection for Crawl Space Homes

An Innovative and Affordable Option vs. Encapsulation

crawl spaceThe extreme environment in your crawl space causes major problems for homeowners and their families and the repairs are expensive. Sagging walls and floors, wood rot, hardwood flooring cup, cracks in drywall, doors sticking and inoperable and wood destroying mold & fungus are all caused by excessive moisture attacking your wood framing system.

Watson Seal™ Crawl Space Framing & Subfloor Sealer was specifically designed to coat the entire floor framing system including floor joists, subflooring, rim band, sill plate, and girder beams, providing superior protection from moisture, moisture-related damage and wood destroying mold and fungus adding years of life to your floor framing system.

Watson Seal™ works on all types of lumber including Engineered Joists, OSB, Plywood, Spruce, Pine, Oak, and Fir. It dries to a durable satin finish and is a semi-transparent orange. This allows installers, homeowners and potential home buyers to easily recognize this home’s floor framing system are Watson Seal® PROTECTED.

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Watson Seal™